Grace Trahan-Rodecap shares how The Orchard School fosters the love of learning

Teachers at The Orchard School are experts when it comes to engaging students and fostering a love of learning. This is because Orchard’s rich history goes back more than 90 years, when nine Indianapolis women put into practice the philosophy of John Dewey. Dewey was rebuffing a system where kids were seen as empty vessels, ready to be filled by teachers who possessed all the knowledge. The nine women didn’t want that for their children. Like Dewey, they wanted children to be actively engaged in the learning process. Those insightful women founded The Orchard School in 1922.

Since then, Orchard students have been persevering, creating, working with diverse groups of people, and becoming more actively involved in their own learning. For decades they’ve been practicing 21st-century skills.

The school’s high-quality experience begins with an exceptional early childhood program. This program, which enrolls children at the age of 3, offers a safe, engaging and stimulating environment. Focus is placed on the cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of young children. Talented and passionate early childhood educators continually design and refine their program. They set challenging, achievable and age-appropriate developmental goals for each student.

Many educators are calling 3-D printing a revolutionary innovative technology that can introduce new learning and understanding methods. Orchard has not one but four 3-D printers. The process used to print objects helps with all facets of STEM-science, technology, engineering and math. This unit of study gets students excited about learning, and is just one example of Orchard’s outstanding program.

The school’s 42.9 acres serve as an outdoor classroom. Students tap trees in our woods to make maple syrup. Children also bury bottles of water in the snow to learn about insulation!

You’re invited to schedule a tour to see Orchard for yourself! Call 251-9253.


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