August 4th, 2015
People LOVE living in MK


50 Reasons why people LOVE living in Meridian~Kessler 

As the MKNA turns 50 years old, more than 50 MK residents— veterans, newbies, kids, plus a few who have moved away—professed what they love about living here. Be prepared, many answers include walking, alleys or watering holes. Maybe a pub in a back alley accessible by foot is next in line. Here’s what the locals said: 


1 Classic homes, walking to school, playing ditch—an amazing place to grow up.

2 The Red Key.

3 The big trees.

4 The independent businesses.

5 Sidewalks. They bring people together.

6 No roundabouts.

7 Being able to walk to shops, churches and restaurants.

8 So many interesting and engaging neighbors.

9 Small neighborhood parks.

10 The community spirit. Neighbors are always willing to help.

11 Best place to trick-or-treat.

12 Free Little Libraries.

13 It’s like a little city within tight borders.  

14 Linear bocce ball tournament in the alley between Park and College.

15 Everyone walks and so many people walk with dogs.

16 It’s all inclusive. Million dollar homes, apartments, duplexes and bungalows and everyone gets it.

17 Homeowners are proud of the neighborhood.

18 Accessibility to downtown.

19 Alley gardens. 

20 St. Joan of Arc Community Garden and other community gardens. 

21 The old-school, independent bars and restaurants.   

22 Great bars. Great restaurants. Great Christmas lights.

23 The corner where you can get breakfast, pick up your dry cleaning and stop at the hardware store plus waste time chatting with friends at every stop.  

24 Summer nights when you can hear the State Fair train whistle.   

25 So many good coffee shops. 

26 The Monon. 

27 Walking for exercise while running errands—to the bank, Fresh Market or out to eat.   

28 The charm and character of historic homes.   

29 Fat Dan’s. 

30 It is a real neighborhood where you get to know—and like—your neighbors.  Most of the time.

31 The neighbors—like the guy who is crazy enough to drive a snowmobile down the alleys. 

32 The diversity in options for faith plus the beautiful churches.  

33 After-school meetings in the backyard shed clubhouse with friends who walked home on the same path.   

34 Block parties. 

35 The 40 or more restaurants or cool shops within a half-mile or less from home.  

36 Kickball games in the middle of the street where kids use trees for bases. 

37 Kids can walk everywhere—to school, to friends’ houses, to get ice cream. 

38 Riding scooters in the alley. 

39 Copper gutters. 

40 Luminaries on New Jersey Street on Christmas Eve. 

41 Every house is different. 

42 Front porches.  

43 All the differences—elders live next door to millennials, different politics and religions are all accepted.   

44 A street wedding with a Ferris wheel.  

45 Everything anyone needs is no farther away than a bike ride or a stroll.  

46 The simple things—mom-and-pop shops, people who say ‘Hi’ on the street.  

47 The diversity—in both the people and the places to frequent. 

48 Seeing groups of kids walk to neighbor- hood private and public schools.  

49 It’s vibrant and evolving but its history is intact and on display.   

50 The houses, the restaurants, the pubs, but most of all, the people.    

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